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Veierland - a short presentation

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Veierland belongs to Nttery municipality in Vestfold county, 100 kilometres south east of Oslo. The island is 4,4 square kilometres, and has 150 inhabitants. There have been people here at least since the bronze age, the remnants of graves from that period can still be seen. The oldest farms on the island is recorded in documents from the middle ages. In the early 20th century 300 -400 people lived here, later the population sunk to below 100, now it's on it's way up again.

Some inhabitants work on the island, but most work on the mainland.

The ferry has 9 17 daily departures between Veierland and Tenvik on Nttery, and also 2 daily departures between Veierland and Eng in Sandefjord municipality. Each trip takes 10-15 minutes.

The island has a primary school (1.-7. grade), post office, library, church and a golf course. A small shop and two cafs are open during the summer months.

The residents' association is very active, and the community hall is in much use; for meetings, parties and other activities.

There are very few cars on Veierland, but ATVs, mopeds and tractors are allowed. We have no asphalt roads, only paths and gravel roads.

We have farms with a variety of animals: horses, sheep, hens and geese.

In the forest there are squirrels, badgers, roe, foxes, and even moose from time to time. On the skerries in the sea, you can sometimes see seals. Bird life is plentiful, woodpeckers peck wood and owls hoot in the night.

The seasons is more than change of temperature on Veierland. In winter life here is quiet and peaceful, it is a lot more lively in summer. Then all summer residents come to stay, and we have our three-day-fair and a music festival. The most determined of the summer residents stay at the island from Easter to October, but July is the busiest month, obviously. The island is frequently visited by day trippers on foot or bike.

Veierland is a small, uniqe society, surrounded by water, but still only 12 kilometres from the county capital, Tnsberg. In the neighbouring municipality Sandefjord, is an airport with a lot of foreign destinations. From Larvik, 29 kilometres away, there are daily ferry departures to Denmark.